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What our students are saying…

I really enjoyed the class and learned a ton! There are so many tools and techniques that I didn’t know existed before I took the class. Carma was a great teacher—super patient and helpful. I can’t wait to take more classes at Visual Persuasion. I liked doing the lab after we learned a bunch of tools and techniques, so we could practice on our own, but ask for help as needed.”

– Maribeth Neelis

Marti asked about the things that we would be using InDesign for and made sure she covered topics that would be useful for us.”

– Lisa Gilliard
Government Product Specialist, Denver Health

I learned so much! I wouldn’t change a thing.”

– Krista Southward
Office Manager, Cornerstone Apartment Services

The small, laid-back style of the class really worked. Marti was able to help everyone individually which was great for me because I needed more help than anyone! Marti is a great instructor, she really knows her stuff.”

– Paul Cisneros

I learned a lot during my class. I really appreciated that it was small and non-intimidating. I could ask as many questions as I needed. I also recommended the instructor to multiple people in my office.”

– Kelly Wagner
Project Assistant, Bennett Wagner & Grody Architects PC

Fantastic. I would go again. He (Steve) was very professional and well versed in the software. Very helpful.”

– Melinda Barnes
Baroness Wines

When the class was offered, evenings worked best for me, as well as the class size. There were only four of us in class. I benefited mostly from the basic set-up of a project and timeline and especially how the camera function works and masking a moving object. Our instructor Chuck was easy going yet kept the class moving at a good clip.”

– Moss Cremer

Before taking the InDesign class, I knew very little about Adobe software. But after taking the class, I was able to learn a variety of techniques and skill in a small classroom setting, allowing for individual attention from the instructor. I am now able to assist in projects at work, and even create my own designs. I would definitely recommend the InDesign class taught through Visual Persuasion for anyone who wants to learn, or further their knowledge of the Adobe software.”

– Lauren Bryant
Business Relations Assistant, BBB

I enjoyed the reasonable size of the class—it allowed for more questions and interaction with Mandi and classmates.”

– Badi Mibiuba
Owner/Graphic Artist, Court Vision Creative, LLC

The class was perfect for an inexperienced photoshop user. It was delivered at a good pace, thorough, and showing different ways to do the same thing. The class trainer was very patient and good at explaining things. I’d recommend this to anyone looking to learn photoshop.”

– Jenna Chavez
Financial Analyst, Oracle

The topics covered and the class pace were just right for me. Overall, great experience, I would definitely choose Visual Persuasion for future training”

– Tina Lehman
Marketing Manager, Eberl Claims Service Inc.

I was glad to learn how you trace and move things, as well as how you can manipulate text. Carma was great at answering all questions that my class had, even as they were specific to their own work. I appreciated that, especially when it came to my own questions. Overall, great job and great instructor!”

– Jessica Lewis
Marketing Coordinator, InstaKey Security Systems

I loved the foundational tools training and also the 30 min project at the end of the day where you had real live practice time in class with an instructor available so if you were stumped you had a resource to help you through.”

– Cassie King
Marketing Manager, Pearl Izumi

Really liked the small class size—made it easy to ask quick questions like ‘Where did you find that tool?’”

– Christie Beverly
Writer/Editor, Strategic Knowledge Solutions

I appreciated the step-by-step instruction. I was thankful to have a small class and I was happy with the amount of coverage we received. Especially after the instructor disclosed that we covered much more than any other InDesign Course. Thank you for all of your support! LOVED the class!”

– Stephanie Ricker
Client Services Director, Zim Consulting

The small class (size) made it more effective. Mandi did a great job.”

– Rich Welch
Admin/Marketing Manager, Hobby-Whalen Marketing Inc.

I must learn the way you were teaching because you didn’t go too fast or too slow. It was also nice to have a small number so I wasn’t embarrassed to ask questions or say when I was stuck. Thank you for teaching this class. This was a great introductory class to get exposed to the tools, see what they do and gain some confidence in working on my own projects.”

– Mindi Onwuegbu
Communications Specialist, Montbello High School

I liked that Wes took the time to instruct each of us differently. Although this was a beginners class the other two people attending were more advanced than I am. They had some Photoshop experience and some Illustrator knowledge. He structured the class so that we all learned something no matter our skill level. I also appreciated his patience and his support.”

– Shelly George
City Director, Metro Denver Lemonade Day

The class was great. I really got a feel for how InDesign works. I don’t always remember how to get to certain commands, but Steve showed us several ways. At least one has to stick! Thank you Steve and Mandi. I can’t wait to sign up for the next class!”

– Jill Mugge
Marketing Artist, JMG Marketing Group

Organized, logical presentation, responsive to questions. Instructor knows how to adapt and interact while maintaining focus and momentum.”

– Jeff Gathercole

Wes was very helpful. I came early and stayed later with a few questions and Wes was willing to answer all of my questions. Thank you very much for all your help with this class!”

– Liz Brown

The format was very clear- I liked starting with the basics and building a little from there. Was a good resource to get me started and point me in the right direction to continue on my own. Wes was great—it’s nice to take “tech” classes from someone who is great with people who don’t have a huge understanding of the topic!”

– Lynlee Espeseth, 29 Stories

Wes gave me the individual attention I needed as I was a novice while the others were experienced. I appreciated his extra help at the end of the session where he took specific questions I had and showed me how to execute them.”

– Brooks Luby, Professional Fashion Designer, Brooks LTD

The class was successful in bridging the gap between CS4 and CS5 and teaching me many new shortcuts and tricks. It helped me re-kindle my passion for working with Illustrator and helped lift my user confidence. Thank you for the downloadable book—it really helped to read through it before the class started and was a great takeaway product.”

– Alyssa Auerbach, Excell Marketing

The class was great, particularly the small size. Marti was a great instructor.”

– Alissa Dowling, AArete, LLC

I liked that I was able to ask questions and Steve thoroughly walked through the answers. I really learned a lot and I would definitely take another class from Steve.”

– Taylor Stilp, Urban Brain Creative

The hands on approach was great. Learning through real-time examples works best for me. Being able to listen, learn and create with my own hands is beneficial. I thought this class was great and I learned a lot in just a few days.”

– Maggie McEntee, SE2

I loved this class, I was able to take in alot within the two days. My instructor was great, she was very knowledgeable.”

– Elena Campbell, Clerical Support Specialist, Denver Health Managed Care

Marti was very thorough. Definitely would be interested in taking her next class.”

– Christian Copeland, Marketing Coordinator, NorthStar Realty Finance Corp.

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