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Drag and Drop in Tables Adobe InDesign CC (2014)

Drag and Drop in Tables Adobe InDesign CC (2014) This article will focus on another great update to the Creative Cloud for 2014. If you create tables in InDesign, you will find this update particularly exciting. Users can create and-

Typekit in InDesign CC

Working with Typekit in InDesign CC (2014)

Working with Typekit in InDesign CC (2014) In May 2013, Adobe introduced Typekit Desktop fonts, giving Creative Cloud users access to hundreds of fonts for use in applications like Adobe InDesign. The recent updates allow Creative Cloud members to access-

InDesign Quick Tips: Creating Compound Path Frames

InDesign Quick Tips: Creating Compound Path Frames In this article, I am going to show you an easy trick to create a nice visual effect with image frames in InDesign. Everyone that uses InDesign knows that you can place a-

Adobe InDesign Interactive Features

Adobe InDesign Interactive Features: Adding Video, Adding Page Transitions, and Creating Buttons Above is a clip from The Denver Adobe Users Group on meetup on November 12th, 2013. This particular part of the meetup demonstrated three interactive fundamentals inside InDesign:-

What’s New in Adobe InDesign CC

What’s New in Adobe InDesign CC In June, Adobe made a massive change in the way they sell their software—switching over exclusively to the subscription-based Creative Cloud. At the same time, Adobe released major updates to all the Creative Cloud-

Building iPad Apps With InDesign

Building iPad Apps With InDesign Back in September of 2012, Adobe released Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition. If you were a Creative Cloud r, this meant you could create unlimited single-issue iPad apps. But what does this mean exactly and-

Creating PDF Forms with InDesign CS6

One of the most exciting updates (in my opinion of course) to InDesign CS6 is the ability to create interactive PDF forms. You could not create the fields in InDesign before CS6—you used Form Wizard in Adobe Acrobat. Now you-

What Kinds of Projects Can You Use Adobe Indesign For?

Adobe Indesign is recognized as a software application that is made by Adobe Systems. It is utilized to create a good number of works, and it can even be utilized to publish content that is appropriate for things such as-

Using Master Pages in InDesign

Let me start by giving you an example of why using Master Pages in InDesign  are crucial when creating multi-page documents: You sent a 250 page catalog to your client and they it but they want to change the-

Two Colorado Libraries Partner with CIPA to Carry E-books

CIPA has asked all their member to this exciting and groundbreaking news! This is exciting for authors, readers, libraries…now you start to see the importance of the ePub format for eReaders like the iPad, No, Sony eReader and other-