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5 Adobe Illustrator Tips and Tools You May Not Know About

5 Adobe Illustrator Tips and Tools You May Not Know About 1. Creating 3D Images and Mapping Artwork Yes, you can create 3D objects in Adobe Illustrator! You can use any one of three, 3D effects (Effect > 3D) that-

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A Major New Update to Adobe Illustrator CC

January 2014 brings new updates to our favorite vector drawing application—Adobe Illustrator CC. If you are a Creative Cloud member, just go to the Creative Cloud desktop and update your installed version of Illustrator CC. You will now have access-

Touch Type Tool Illustrator CC

How to use the Touch Type Tool Illustrator CC Introduced in Illustrator CC, the Touch Type tool gives you control over your type. The user can select individual characters, scale and distort them, and the text will always remain-

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What’s New in Illustrator CC

What’s New in Illustrator CC In June, Adobe made a massive change in the way they sell their software—switching over exclusively to the subscription-based Creative Cloud. At the same time, Adobe released major updates to all the Creative Cloud apps…including-

Coloring Artwork in Illustrator Using Live Paint

Coloring Artwork in Illustrator Using Live Paint The introduction of Live Paint in Adobe Illustrator CS2 revolutionized the way we color and even draw our artwork. How you ask? In every version of Illustrator prior to CS2, it was extremely-

New Image Trace Illustrator CS6

Live Trace was introduced to Adobe Illustrator users in CS2. I remember the release of CS2 and how revolutionary Live Trace was—you mean to tell me I can take any pixel-based image and “Trace” it into vector art? This worked-

Creating Patterns in Illustrator CS6

I’m an avid user of Adobe Illustrator, but in all honesty I did not create patterns very often…before CS6. A lot of the work I do does not involve patterns, but since the release of Illustrator CS6 I’m finding ways-

What Are the New Features in Adobe Illustrator CS6?

Adobe Illustrator CS6 is the newest in Adobe’s of high-performance vector image editing programs. This newest member of the Illustrator family provides increased speed, precision and stability when working with complicated or large files. It also makes use of-

What’s New in Adobe Illustrator CS6?

It’s official…CS6 is here! Now let’s discuss what’s new and we’ll start with Adobe Illustrator: The first change you will notice right away when you open the program—the interface. Controls in the Preferences let you control the brightness of your-

Illustrator Drawing Modes

In the newest release of Adobe Illustrator (CS5), there are 3 drawing modes: Draw Normal, Draw Behind and Draw Inside. Draw Normal is the default drawing mode. The default mode simply means that the arrangement of your objects will appear-