Business Benefits of Using the Epub Format

EPUB is just one of many formats currently used to create bos for the purpose of digital distribution, but due to it’s features and benefits, it has garnered attention from the larger publishing houses. It has been designed strictly-

What You Need to Know About the EPUB Document Format

If you’re not familiar with epub, it stands for electronic publication. It has been wiy used in the eBo world and is helping to change the hold the Kindle has on the market. Epub is simply an open eBo-

Devices that Can Read EPUB Documents

ePub is one of the latest files types that are being used for e-bos, and thanks to the rising popularity of e-bos among the youth of today the demand for documents in the ePub format are also on the rise.-

What is ePub and Why Would Someone Want to Use It?

EPUB has arrived and it is certainly a welcome release. As most tech savvy individuals would likely surmise, the name stands for electronic publication. More specifically, this is an electronic bo format that is most commonly used in professional and-

Two Colorado Libraries Partner with CIPA to Carry E-books

CIPA has asked all their member to this exciting and groundbreaking news! This is exciting for authors, readers, libraries…now you start to see the importance of the ePub format for eReaders like the iPad, No, Sony eReader and other-