What Are The New Features In Adobe Dreamweaver CS6?

Dreamweaver is the web’s number one development software for websites and our chosen platform for Adobe Creative Suite Training. Over the years it has progressed from being a static web development tool, to being one that can integrate with dynamic,-

Muse or Dreamweaver

What is the Difference Between Muse and Dreamweaver?

The release of the Adobe Muse application in the Creative Cloud subscription has many wondering what is the difference between Muse and Dreamweaver. Let’s break these two programs down! Adobe Muse Adobe Muse was created primarily for graphic designers—an application-

What Skill Set Do You Need to Become a Web Designer?

Becoming a web designer is not the dream that most little children have when they are going to sleep, but many kids grow up to find out that web designers are paid far better than firemen, policemen, cowboys, or unicorn-

Colorado Adobe Training Company, Visual Persuasion Adds Adobe Dreamweaver to their Lineup

Visual Persuasion, a growing Colorado Adobe training company, has continued to serve its market by adding another Adobe Creative Suite product to their training seminar up.  Visual Persuasion is now offering Adobe Dreamweaver classes, which addresses an even wider array-