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Adobe’s Subscription Model Creates Controversy

Adobe’s subscription mo creates controversy Adobe announced in early May, at the Adobe Max conference, that they would switch over to a cloud-based subscription mo. This angered many Adobe users, even starting an on petition, urging Adobe to drop the-

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Why I Love the Adobe Creative Cloud

Last May, Adobe introduced the Adobe Creative Cloud…but what is it? In the most simplest explanation, it is a new way to purchase Adobe software. But it is really much than that. We are familiar with “Buying Option #1”-

Create a Website Without Writing Code

Are you a graphic designer who has tried to learn how to code, and thought to yourself “This isn’t what I signed up for!” Design and web coding are two different types of skill sets, using two different parts of-

Building iPad Apps With InDesign

Building iPad Apps With InDesign Back in September of 2012, Adobe released Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition. If you were a Creative Cloud r, this meant you could create unlimited single-issue iPad apps. But what does this mean exactly and-

What Are The New Features In Adobe Dreamweaver CS6?

Dreamweaver is the web’s number one development software for websites and our chosen platform for Adobe Creative Suite Training. Over the years it has progressed from being a static web development tool, to being one that can integrate with dynamic,-

New Image Trace Illustrator CS6

Live Trace was introduced to Adobe Illustrator users in CS2. I remember the release of CS2 and how revolutionary Live Trace was—you mean to tell me I can take any pixel-based image and “Trace” it into vector art? This worked-

Content Aware Patch Photoshop CS6

Content aware was added in Adobe Photoshop CS5—users described it as magical. With the release of CS6, Photoshop added a content aware option to the patch tool. It is very quick and easy to use and yes, magical. If you-

Muse or Dreamweaver

What is the Difference Between Muse and Dreamweaver?

The release of the Adobe Muse application in the Creative Cloud subscription has many wondering what is the difference between Muse and Dreamweaver. Let’s break these two programs down! Adobe Muse Adobe Muse was created primarily for graphic designers—an application-

Adobe CS6 Launch and Release Date

Yesterday Adobe unveiled CS6 and the new Adobe Creative Cloud—if you missed the big announcement, here are some of the big changes and updates. Adobe Edge and Adobe Muse: One of the biggest changes to CS6 is the addition of-