Training or Upgrading Business Job Skills as Art

It’s a Win-Win—Invest in Employees!

After various insurances, health care costs, paid time off, bonuses, and raises, you might wonder why you would want to spend even of your hard-earned cash on employees. Think again—it’s really a no-brainer. WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE Investing-

Visualize Your Stats—Create Infographics in Illustrator

Infographics in Adobe Illustrator— one of the hottest, most effective ways to communicate information and statistics is by using Infographics. Take a lo at how designers translate stats into effective visuals in Adobe Illustrator.…­

5 Great Uses for Object Styles in Adobe InDesign

Just as paragraph and character styles help you quickly format text, object styles help you quickly format various attributes of InDesign objects, including graphic frames, text frames and s. Check it out at  

Photoshop Tip: Removing Unwanted Objects

Removing ANYTHING from a photo in Photoshop—how many times do we take a stunning photo, only to find distracting elements in the background (like that outhouse behind Uncle Eddie?) Find out how to use the clone stamp, healing brush and other-

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Now holding classes at our snappy new location in the Capitol Hill area of Denver—Creative Density co-working space, 800 Grant St., #320.  

Upcoming classes

Upcoming Classes: Adobe Illustrator Classes available in February and March, SIGN UP TODAY!

Adobe Muse classes

What is Adobe Muse? Learn how you can create and publish dynamic websites for desktop and mobile devices that meet the latest web standards — without writing code.  Even if you have never created a website before, anyone who has a-

NEW! Adobe Lightroom training now available. Sign up today!

Adobe Lightroom. Essential software for extraordinary photography. Whether you are a professional photographer, a graphic designer, a or an avid hobbyist, Lightroom handles most of the work you need to do to your digital camera files. It is both-

Adobe onsite training

On-site Adobe Training For Your Company

Businesses are loing for ways to save money while keeping their employees trained on the latest software. Eliminating travel costs mean employees can be trained within the same budget.

Selecting column or row in table

Drag and Drop in Tables Adobe InDesign CC (2014)

Drag and Drop in Tables Adobe InDesign CC (2014) This article will focus on another great update to the Creative Cloud for 2014. If you create tables in InDesign, you will find this update particularly exciting. Users can create and-