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Welcome! We have a new training team member!

Welcome to our new WordPress and Creative Suite trainer, Ceelee Simpson!  Ceelee Simpson has than thirty years of experience as a brand designer and story telling experience for major design and advertising firms in Chicago and Denver. Currently, she-

WordPress Training—The Brick and Mortar of Your Business

Yes, we know we’re Visual Persuasion ADOBE Training, but WordPress is so important and wiy used, we just wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t offer you our services to get you up and running in this application! WordPress is the-

Welcome—we have a new training team member!

Welcome to our new Premiere/After Effects trainer, Pat Clark. He is an exciting addition to our training team with a creative world view and comprehensive professional expertise, as well as extensive teaching experience. Pat Clark is an award-winning filmmaker and artist-

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Make Your Social Media and Blog Posts Pop with Photoshop Basics

Are you a seasoned or social media manager? Or, do you want to improve your social media brand or start a new blog? One tool you absolutely need—if you don’t already have it—is Photoshop. It is yet another incredible-

Black Friday Sale—One Day Only Special!

Register on at on Black Friday 11/27/15 and receive 25% off any scheduled Level 1 Adobe class* in January. Just click on your class icon or choose your class from “Classroom Training” on the top navigation bar and proceed to-

Adobe Max Conference – Where the Most Creative Minds in the World Gather

In case you missed it (ICYMI) the Adobe Max Conference was held in LA in October 2015. This is the IT place to be if you are working in Creative Cloud! The three day conference featured iconic speakers from Spotify,-

Happy Thanksgiving from Visual Persuasion Adobe Training!

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It’s a Win-Win—Invest In Your Employees!

After various insurances, health care costs, paid time off, bonuses, and raises, you might wonder why you would want to spend even of your hard-earned cash on employees. Think again—it’s really a no-brainer. WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE Investing-