Welcome—we have a new training team member!

Posted by Marti Wedewer on April 2nd, 2016

Patrick blog post

Welcome to our new Premiere/After Effects trainer, Pat Clark. He is an exciting addition to our training team with a creative world view and comprehensive professional expertise, as well as extensive teaching experience. Pat Clark is an award-winning filmmaker and artist from San Diego, CA. While his narrative and documentary work explores a wide range of subjects, his films often present focused views of larger events. His work has screened at festivals internationally and generates discussion wherever it is shown.

Here are some words of wisdom from Pat to anyone entering the video editing industry:

“To me the allure of editing is the indispensable unification of creative thinking and technical understanding. Over the years I have worked with editors who had a strong grasp on either the creative side or the technical side but the ones I’ve learned the most from had a firm understanding of how the two work together. The fact is that when you are editing there is no right answer to check your work against and this can be very intimidating. Imagine trying to put together a puzzle with no idea what the final product should like. Imagine not knowing which pieces make up the edges or realizing that the initial image you set out to create has now changed entirely. To me, this is what prevents most would-be editors from taking their first steps. I can certainly remember the feeling of having hours of content to cut with no clear idea as to what I was going to come up with at the end. Through these experiences, I have learned that with editing you can start with the opening scene, the ending or a pivotal moment within your story to help break the ice. Of course, you will come back and rework the scene over the progression of the editing process but giving yourself a starting point allow you to get the ball rolling. I always begin each session with a short list of goals, making the project easier to approach. Looking at a bin full of raw material can be intimidating so establishing a plan of attack becomes a must. Regardless of your previous experience, the best thing you can do for yourself is to set goals and expect the unexpected. Projects always take longer than you anticipate, it’s a universal fact. So be flexible and never be afraid to take the first step!”

Please check out his website at patclarkmedia.com. Visual Persuasion is proud to be able to offer you access to his creativity and expertise. Request a quote and register for a custom class in Premiere and/or After Effects today at http://www.vpclasses.com/classes/adobe-premiere-classes.

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