InDesign Quick Tips: Creating Compound Path Frames

Posted by Marti Wedewer on April 28th, 2014

InDesign Quick Tips: Creating Compound Path Frames

In this article, I am going to show you an easy trick to create a nice visual effect with image frames in InDesign. Everyone that uses InDesign knows that you can place a graphic inside one image frame, but very few know that you can place one graphic across multiple image frames. To create a compound path, you can use a combination of different shapes and arrange and space them in any way you like.

Once you have your image frames in place, select them all, then go to Object > Path > Make Compound Path.

Creating Compound Path in InDesign

Creating Compound Path in InDesign

After you have made the Compound Path (above), go to File > Place and select your image.


Result of Compound Path Frame

This quick and easy trick will give you many ideas of how to utilize images in new and exciting ways inside Adobe InDesign!

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Compound Path Frame Result #2



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