What’s New in Adobe InDesign CC

Posted by Marti Wedewer on July 17th, 2013

What’s New in Adobe InDesign CC

In June, Adobe made a massive change in the way they sell their software—switching over exclusively to the subscription-based Creative Cloud. At the same time, Adobe released major updates to all the Creative Cloud apps…including InDesign…now called InDesign CC.


Listed below are the major updates to our favorite desktop publishing application:

Preview Option in New Document Dialog Box: When you open a new document in InDesign, you set all the parameters (page size, number of pages, columns, margins, bleed, etc..), without seeing what that page looks like before you click “OK.” The new Preview option, allows you to “preview” what your page will look like as you make changes in the New Document Dialog Box.

Darker UI: InDesign is now available with a darker theme, and you can change the brightness of the user interface from the Interface option in the Preferences dialog.

Revamped Font Menu: This is my favorite update to InDesign. The new font menu allows you to search for fonts by name and style, show fonts with families in a sub-menu, and preview what the font will look like on your page. Also, you can star a font as a favorite and you can bring up only your favorite fonts and recently used fonts. Life just got easier!


Revamped font menu, InDesign CC

Generate QR codes: What an exciting new feature—now you can create and edit QR codes as vector objects—once you QR code is created you can edit and resize without losing quality. You can create a QR code from a web hyperlink, plain text, a text message, email or a business card.


QR Code Generator, InDesign CC

Adobe Exchange panel: The Adobe Exchange panel is like an app store that you can use to privately share products, explore content, plugin-ins, and scripts that are available for free or purchase. When you connect with Adobe Exchange you are communicating directing with Adobe servers. Search for free and paid extensions. These are tools that will extend the functionality of the program.

To get a free 30 day trial of InDesign CC:

  1. Go to: https://creative.adobe.com/products/indesign
  2. Click “Download Trial”
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