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  • Small class sizes, focused learning (personalized)
  • Expert teaching staff who are are well-known professionals in their fields (expert)
  • Instructor-led, hands-on training—practice on actual projects (hands-on)
  • Flexible scheduling (flexibility)
  • Face-to-face classes
  • Onsite, or classroom
  • 90-day post class support
  • Bonus resources
  • Our classes are intensive, foundational, kinetic, exciting, fun, gratifying and tailored to meet your needs

For professionals looking to expand their expertise / sharpen their job skills / boost their job performance / get the edge, Visual Persuasion offers personalized, hands-on software training throughout the Rocky Mountain region. Our small class sizes, customized approach and flexible scheduling set us apart from the big companies, ensuring you’ll get a learning experience that is unique to your needs / as unique as you.

Visual Persuasion offers expert instruction from industry professionals who live and breathe Adobe software and are eager to help you learn how to create innovative design on a digital platform. We offer a wide array of classes including Adobe’s most popular applications: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Muse, Adobe Acrobat and our latest edition—Lightroom! We also offer comprehensive WordPress training.

We are currently expanding to offer additional classes, so if you don’t see the Adobe application you’re interested in, get in touch—chances are we can provide a customized training session especially for you! We also understand the difficulty of learning a new language and happily offer 90-days of post-training support and a reference book to help it all stick.

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I recently took a beginner class for Adobe Illustrator and couldn’t be more pleased with the experience.  Marti is a wonderful teacher, has a huge breadth of knowledge, is friendly and flexible, and is an all-around great person.  I came away with more functional understanding of the program than I had hoped for and will take as many classes as possible in the future.

Suzy Simpson, Pinnacle Lighting

Solid Support and Resources for Professional Software Training

Expert Instructors: Our instructors live and breathe the software they teach and they know how to share their years of experience with you—guiding you, through their customized curriculum, the easiest and fastest path to success with your software.

90-Day Post Class Customized Support with Bonus Resources to support on-going learning

Hands-on personalized training: Our onsite, advanced and one-on-one training is customized just for you!

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Now holding classes at our snappy new location in the Capitol Hill area of Denver—Creative Density co-working space, 800 Grant St., #320.  

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Upcoming Classes: Adobe Illustrator Classes available in February and March, SIGN UP TODAY!